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As the fallout from the pandemic continues to hit, the numbers of homeless and those experiencing ’food insecurity’ are only going to get bigger. To put things into perspective, families accounted for just 1% of the homeless population back in 1988. Today, they make up at least 36% of the homeless community. The pendulum of social justice is swinging in favor, mostly of homeless criminalization. However, homelessness is just one matrix for measuring the health of families in the US.

Prior to becoming homeless, many families and individuals experience such basic things as food insecurity, lack of proper utilities, lack of transportation and lack of medical assistance. Many of these issues are brought on when the breadwinner loses a job, and things begin to spiral down. When this happens and there is not a cohesive safety net, then families hit bottom and it damages the community at large.

The Scarlett Family Community Foundation wants to be the catalyst for bringing together nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, local businesses, and the community at large to place their information in a central communication hub in each county.

Using technology that utilizes AI, the Hub would be able to do the following:

  • Identify what each nonprofit has to offer, provide a platform for them to consult to create collaborations.

  • List all government agencies and how to access what they have to offer.

  • Provide a way for local businesses to say what they can contribute in terms of time and money.

  • Provide a way for anyone in the community to register as a volunteer and state what their special skills are.

  • Provide a way for corporations to be able to support the Hub in terms of money and volunteers.

  • Create a conduit from the Hub to outside resources such as Indeed, to help with re-employment.

We also offer access to these amazing programs:

DASH Program (Dreams + Action = Success + Happiness)

We will be providing life skills and career choice support for young people. Mark Twain said the definition of success was when your vocation was your vacation. This program will provide career assessments, entrepreneurial training and networking into the business community for job opportunities – all based on what each young person is passionate about! This program will also be our ‘intake’ method for channeling them to all the appropriate services identified in our Continuum Project. One of our long-term goals is to provide a tiny home community for young people with housing challenges.

The Continuum Project

There are many non-profit organizations who do great work for various aspects of need for young people. After the young person has gone through the DASH Program, we will specialize in finding all the services available so that we can create a continuum of support for them to ensure that they do NOT fall between the cracks and they have everything they need to grow into happy, self-sustaining adults.

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